Spring Cleaning – Standing Fan

Spring Cleaning - Standing Fan | City of Creative Dreams

Cleaning the standing fan in my bedroom barely ever happens. I am going to be completely honest. Yes, the dust collecting bothers me occasionally but cleaning it has been a hassle, I go through many wipes or paper towel just to clean it and it takes forever. More of the dust goes on the floor then the rag so it is easy for me to get lazy about cleaning it.

I had a moment where I said, “fine, let’s clean this thing“. I wish I knew this cleaning trick a long time ago instead of making my life so difficult. I am going to show you my very easy trick to cleaning this here standing fan that maybe most of you knew already or hopefully you are now realizing it like I am.

First, you are going to take off the front cover. Ignore the filth of it all and take it off. 
Next, take off the fan’s blades and the backing.

Use a damp rag to clean off any dust that collected. 

Now is the cleaning part, take the individual pieces of the fan that you just took off and place it into your bathtub. None of these parts you have taken off is electrical there is no problem emerging it into water. Take the rag, apply soap and wash the dust/dirt away. Once clean, use a dry towel to dry each part.

All that is left to put everything back together. 

I am a person who has their fan on every single day, yes even during winter time. I like my room to be cool all the time so that I am not too hot or too cold but just right. You can only imagine the amount of dust that can accumulate over a few weeks or months. I am glad to have this trick to cleaning now.

This may not be something we do every spring cleaning however, I hope this helps for cleaning in general. Like I said before, I wish I knew this earlier. In case I am not the only one who just figured this out, I thought I would share this tip. Happy cleaning lovelies!

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