Have A Great Summer Treat Bags & Printable

Have A Great Summer Treat Bags & Printable | City of Creative Dreams

This week is the last day of school and with that, I love to let my siblings celebrate with some treats! Last year I started this very cool idea and since then my siblings have loved it and so does the students from their class. My favourite gifts are the ones that are not expected and this idea even though it is very fun, it teaches the kids that giving is way better than receiving! Be kind to one another! Here is how I made this one.

First, you will need a little bag. I bought mine from Michaels Craft Store for $3.99.

Next, you will need paper. Scrapbook paper does wonders and they have plenty of colors to choose from for only $0.99. I bought two sheets from Michaels. This one is for my little sister who is very artsy so a rainbow style print is perfect to represent her.

Use the paper bag as a stencil for your bag’s exterior and trace on the back of the page with a pencil.
Glue the back of the scrapbook paper.
Place the paper onto the bag.
Next, I used Canva to design this cute saying. Cut them out and glue them onto the front. Then sign it with your child’s name.
Slide in the lollipops inside. You can finish it with a bow using twine or simply glue down.

If you would like a ‘Have A Great Summer’ tag. You can print your free HERE!

Summer is fast approaching so why not celebrate with some treats. I mean it is the last day of school! This is a simple way to say, thank you for such a fantastic year and such a kick-off to summer vacation.

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