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4 Best Ways to Have a No Waste Lunch this September

4 Best Ways to Have a No Waste Lunch this September | City of Creative Dreams

Whenever someone asks me what they should buy for their kids for back to school I always suggest a no waste lunch aka anything eco-friendly. Why? Because firstly, it saves you a boatload of money. I am serious. You are don't have to buy these things over and over again. Second, these are not going to wear and tear.  Third, it is convenient, it will alway be there and all you have to do is wash it. So simple. and lastly (also most importantly) you are not throwing away anything. Nothing of what your child is using is going to be sitting in a landfill or swirling in the ocean somewhere.

You may be thinking... "Okay Shanice, I hear this all the time and I would love to go in that direction but being eco-friendly is soo expensive! It is so time-consuming and I don't know where to buy these products." I am here to tell you that being eco-friendly does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. I am sharing my go-to place for all my back to school lunch box essentials. I have been buying from for a few years now and never have I cried over my bank card.

Reusable Bottles/ Juice Boxes
I love having a reusable bottle! The ones I used to buy at the dollar stores would always break as soon as my siblings accidently drop it. Then there I was having to buy another and another. I hated doing that. These bottles above, I have never had trouble with. You can drop it as much as you want and it will not break. Very durable because they are a metal instead of plastic. The reusable juice box is my new guilty pleasure, especially for my three-year-old son. It is pretty cool and easy to use. 

Reusable Sandwich Bags
If you know me from my past posts then you know that I am hands down the number one fan of reusable sandwich bags. I bought them for my siblings one year and never looked back. They are super inexpensive, super cute designs and you have some many options to choose from. There are silicone or fabric. Either one you choose, you still have to clean just as you would with your dishes. My trick is to buy at least two so that you can alternate... one it the sink and one in fridge.  This not for just sandwiches, though, there are small ones for snacks too! If you absolutely can't live without a plastic sandwich bag then invest in the compostable sandwich bags. They are way better! 

Reusable Containers
These are great especially for the little ones. There are dividers that you can simply put two snacks and a sandwich or individual snacks. You can do so much with containers now. You can choose from metal trays to silicone. I love the ones that have dividers because it is like getting three containers in one. Simply wash and then you can reuse it. Many designs too! 

Reusable Cutlery
I have seen many buy plastic cutlery for one reason and one reason only, it is convenient to just throw it into the lunch box and don't have to worry about washing it. Although, that may be true, you can reuse those plastic spoons or forks. You don't need to throw it away. Taking the time to wash a simple spoon is nothing compared to the dishes you do anyways. If you have those laying around reuse it or else use the ones you have at home or buy ones just for your child's lunch box if you are worried about them losing it.

Have a no-waste lunch box for your young one. You are teaching them the importance of not throwing away everything with every reusable bottle, sandwich bag, container and cutlery they have in their lunch box this year. It is cool to be eco-friendly!

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