4 Ways to Have An One of a Kind Child Backpack

4 Ways to Have An One of a Kind Child Backpack | City of Creative Dreams

Not so crafty in order to make your child his/her backpack? That is okay! Sometimes money is tight or your child’s backpack is not worn out, you don’t want to throw out a perfectly fine backpack nor does your child want to use to same one again or you just want some ideas to spice it up and have it stand out from the crowd… so it leaves you wondering how you can upcycle the backpack so that both parent and child are happy? You can bet that there are many ways you can change the backpack up so that no one can even tell that it is the same one. Here are bloggers who had the same idea in mind and can give you some inspiration for your backpack situation. 
Patches & Embellishments
A simple patch could do the trick and it doesn’t even have to be complicated. There are many iron-on patches out there or you can even make one yourself. If you want to kick it up a notch then try adding embellishments like fabric flowers. 
Monogram or Paint
Grab some color and paint yourself a monogram of your little one’s name, dye the entire backpack to give it a new color or channel your creative side and paint a whole new design. Even if you are a beginner you can take a simple shape like a triangle and create a pattern. 
Bag Tags
You can create or have your little ones create a fun bag tag. Many parents like to have their child’s names on it however, I like the ones that have a simple monogram on it. It is also for safety reasons. I suggest having a monogram especially if your children are walking home alone.
Who doesn’t love accessories! I love anything that is functional and handy so why not provide fun accessories that will give some cuteness and some storage such as a tissue holder or phone holder, fun key chain. 
Now you have got a one of a kind backpack. Don’t settle for the same basic or the same old, same old. Give backpacks personality and make it custom to yourself or your little one. Mix and match with these ideas and come up with some of your own. It is all about you or your little one!
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