Giving Assistant: An Easy Way to Give Back and Cash In

Giving Assistant: A Easy Way to Give Back and Cash In | City of Creative Dreams

You know that I am a lover of online shopping because it is very convenient for a busy worker bee. Between home life and work life, the last thing I want to do is be in a store shopping. I always wished that I would be paid to shop. Well, my wish has come true! I mean who wouldn’t wish for that. Making money while you are spending money. It is a win-win for all.

What is even better is being able to donate to a charity as well. When I heard that I can make money and donate at the same time. I had to give it a try. Giving Assistant does just that! Giving Assistant provides you with both options. You have complete control on who you want to donate to and the percentage of your cash back money will go to the company. Here is how it works:

First, you need to create an account. You can choose between signing up through Facebook or email.

Next, you can go to Settings. Here is where you can choose a charity and customise your percentage. This is also the same area of where you can choose our choice of payment. I love that they have they option of getting paid by Paypal over a bank check in the mail.

Now it is time to shop! Simply type in the search box for your favourite stores. I couldn’t believe that they even have my latest guilty online shopping site Since I was going to shop there anyways, I figured why not give it a try plus they offer 7.5% cash back. You can also find awesome coupon codes on the page which is perfect for when your done your shopping.

If you are curious on what I bought, you will be happy to know what I did not go overboard. I bought myself and my mom a few items. First things first, is we both desperately needed an organiser for our purses. I recently bought a new purse for work and hate that fact that I can’t find a single thing. Next, I bought myself a tripod for my camera. I have the light equipment but have no tripod and the price was right. Lastly, I bought my mom a watch similar to a Fitbit. She likes mine so I figured, why not get her one too!. With this purchase, I am donating a $1.00 to Autism Cares.

There are so many stores to explore such as Esty who offers 2% cash back, Walmart who offers 4% on standard items and 1% on Electronics, Video Games, Movies, Music, Books and Photo and Groupon who offers 6% cash back just to name a few.

I really enjoyed using Giving Assistant. It is such a creative idea of bringing both making money and giving money together in one spot. It is very simple and easy to use. It is definitely a site I will keep using.

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