IKEA Catalogue 2017 Must Haves

IKEA Catalogue 2017 Must Haves | City of Creative Dreams

I almost forgot. Normally I wouldn’t but this year with all the craziness going around I didn’t remember about the IKEA catalogue until it showed up at the door. Who would have guessed that would ever happen to me. Summer was so consumed with work, daycare for my son then having to get my little man ready for the first day of school that I didn’t think about what makes the end of the summer worth wild. I mean don’t get me wrong, fall TV shows are like the main course that keeps me full for months but the catalog is an awesome appetizer that I enjoy every year.

Did you already look through yours? I hope so, there is a ton of eye candy in there. I got my pages marked on what I am going to be adding to my wishlist. I thought I would share with you some pages I am keeping bookmarked. Here are some goodies, I couldn’t resist!

 This year, like every year, there is so much to see like Glass Box, Corner Sectional, Open Wardrobe, and the Arm Chair just to name a few. I love the color of the sectional. The glass box would be perfect storage for jewelry or sunglasses. 

I am also in love with the recycling bags, it is affordable and brilliant! Perfect for those who live in apartment buildings because you can simply bring the bag down in the elevator. Unfortunately, these bags are not big enough for my large family but love the idea of it. Might work for us if we take out the recycling every week.

Did you see this KUGGIS boxes? I can’t wait to get my hands on these! Since video games are huge in our home now. I am in deep desire to keep it organize and clean. I believe this will be a great help for my family this year. 

What are you in love with in the catalogue this year? I wanna know. Is it a duvet cover or an awesome couch. Share with me!

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