Monday, October 10, 2016

Champagne Pencil Holder Makeover

Champagne Pencil Holder Makeover | City of Creative Dreams

There is something about makeovers that has me inspired, that and seeing a huge clearance sign. I wanted to buy these Created Space pencil holders from Michaels Craft Store for a while now, well not this color in particular, however, blue tends to be the first to go all the time. Should have bought it sooner. I guess things happen for a reason because I got a way better deal. This literally cost me way less than the original price. Originally it was almost $6 or $7 but I got it for around $2 with their coupon.

Pink has never really been my color. I will occasionally wear pink but naturally, I gravitate towards blue everything in case you haven't noticed that by now. (I'm blue badda-dee- budda- da) Anyways, I took a step back from that blue spray paint and grabbed myself Krylon Champagne color. Maybe I am going through a color phase because I am head over heels for this color right now.has

krylon color master champagne spray paint

I sprayed the champagne paint on the pencil holders on my balcony and gave it about two codes. The first one is to lightly cover as much as I could and the second code of paint is for any parts that I may have missed. I gave it ten minutes between codes to dry. Then it was all ready to use!

Champagne Pencil Holder Makeover | City of Creative Dreams

Champagne Pencil Holder Makeover | City of Creative Dreams

Champagne Pencil Holder Makeover | City of Creative Dreams

You can see why I am so in love with this color. It is a soft gold that looks amazing on anything. Not everyone can look at something and envision it in a completely different way. It is simple to change a color. It doesn't take too much work and the outcome is always mindblowing, I mean if I didn't show you that this used to be pink, you would never believe me.

Champagne Pencil Holder Makeover | City of Creative Dreams

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