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Guest Post: Polished Concrete Floor Beautiful Design Ideas

Polished Concrete Floor Beautiful Design Ideas | City of Creative Dreams

There is a general misconception surrounding concrete floors: they are cold, ugly and non-personal. This is completely not true. With the building technology evolving so much in the past few years, it is actually possible to polish concrete to such an extent that it will look like natural stone or even gorgeous marble. However, the difference is that polished concrete floors start at only $2 per square foot, so if you do the math quickly you can notice that you do not have to spend a fortune for an amazing floor.  

Polished concrete floors represent the number one choice across county for different businesses. You can see polished concrete floors in office buildings, medical cabinets, but also hotels, bars and restaurants. Also, there is no limit to your imagination regarding design. You can get a smooth ad even pure white high gloss concrete floor, or a floor with highly intricate design patterns. It is totally up to you and to what you are looking for when it comes to the floor in your space.  

Polished concrete can be dyed…. 
Indeed, you can get polished concrete floors of any color that you can imagine. Perhaps you want to match the floor in your office with the color of the furniture or the general trend available there. You can get warm brown, pure white, red, green…or any other color of polished concrete floor in your office, bar, restaurant or store. However, it is extremely important to work with highly killed experts for the best results. For more details, you are welcome to check out 
The experts will dye the surface in any color that you wish to add more vibrancy to your entire flooring. Please keep in mind that dying concrete is much more efficient than just staining it. You can actually check out the difference between stained and dyed concrete in high quality pictures online. The difference is a huge… 

Gray High Polished Concrete 
Well, if you love that vintage gray look of the concrete only made in elegant high gloss…you should opt for natural grey polished concrete. This type of flooring would work outstandingly in a modern basement, a garage, a warehouse...but also in a vintage style store. Such grey concrete in polished style is also generally used in car showrooms for example. Now you can have the exact same type of flooring anywhere in your home or your business.  

Patterned Polished Concrete 
Do you love abstract models and designs? You don’t want anything boring even when it comes to your floor? Then, you should ask the contractors to come up with some patterns for your floor.  Polished concrete can be customized to suit your exact needs are wishes. The highly skilled experts can cut, engrave, and imprint the floor in any way that you wish.  

Maybe you fancy having a huge logo imprinted as a centerpiece on your floor. Just imagine how personalized and chic your store would look with your logo on the floor. Or, you can come up with any abstract design and that can be imprinted on the floor by the skilled floor artisans.  

In order to add some color to the concrete, experts also use the staining technique. This type of treatment is generally existent in stores and supermarkets. The result is an upbeat, chic and somewhat neutral flooring highly suitable for high traffic environment. The experts will also genially apply a highly reflective polish and then add some color to bring an absolutely new look to an old, boring and dull concrete floor.  

Polished Concrete: The Most Economical Solution for your Business 
Indeed, polished concrete represents the most economical solution when it comes to flooring. You will get a top quality floor that is durable and beautiful…and you do not have to pay a fortune for this type of improvement. When you think of using ceramic tiles, you should know these can easily crack and break. Therefore, the tiles do not represent the best solution for a heavy traffic space such as a store, a bar, a restaurant, or an office space.  

The same goes for laminated wood. This type of floor may look good but only in the beginning After a short period of time the laminates will tart fading, or even peeling away. Moreover, the laminate floor is not a good solution for a heavy traffic space. Again, a polished concrete floor seems to be the most reliable and professional flooring solution that you can think of. Marble? Extremely expensive, luxurious solution. Not everybody can afford it. Natural stone? Beautiful, but overly expensive.  

In fact, highly skilled floor artisans can achieve the authentic look of marble or natural stone by polishing your old concrete floor. You are looking at your old and ugly concrete floor and you cannot even imagine the amazing outcome, if the project is performed by the best experts in the field.  

You can choose matte or high gloss polished floors, whichever you like the most. You should  definitely browse among high quality pictures to see what you would like to have in your home or your store. Yes, polished concrete is also suitable for home projects. In fact, many homeowners choose high gloss dyed polished concrete floors for their bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.  


Do not hesitate to talk to a contractor and see what he can do at your business with the concrete floor that you already have. The number one advantage of these floors is sustainability. Basically, you do not need to purchase any building materials to achieve an amazing result. You don’t have to buy tiles, wooden laminates, natural stone or marble. The expert will simply create magic with the concrete floor that you already have in your basement, warehouse, store, etc.  

It’s definitely worth to invest in this type of flooring. You won’t have to pay thousands, but the result will look like millions! Trust only the best experts in the field and you will simply love your new floors.  

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