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Who loves laundry? No one really loves laundry, however, we put through because well we need clean clothing and plus most people would not want to be around us if we had smelly clothing. So we pull bags of laundry to our laundry rooms or down the elevator to the shared laundry room and get washing. I told you about the laundry pods that I like to use from the Honest Company in my personal laundry team. Pods were the best thing ever invented! Lately, I have also been using their dryer sheets.

What I like about it, is that you are able to reuse it for the second time. You get more use of it and don’t necessary need to throw it out about one use like typical dryer sheets. What is different about it, is that it is moist almost similar to a baby wipe. It wasn’t expecting that. Usually, the ones that I have is dry. I guess that it doesn’t matter if it is dry or moist because it gets the job done.

Honest Free Of:
SLS, fragrance, dyes or phosphates,
1,4-dioxane, chlorine, DEA or formaldehyde,
caustics, and optical brighteners

All natural
Trusted Brand
Able to use more than once
Moist sheets
No options on scents

You haven’t tried it yet? Why not check out more eco-friendly, all natural and overall amazing products that you can be proud of with no worries. Want to try a sample? I have an invitation just for to get your own free sample pack: http://honest.com/accept_invitation/70253  

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