5 Worthy Purchases Young Adults Should Make

5 Worthy Purchases Young Adults Should Make - City of Creative Dreams

As much as I do not feel it, I am a young adult but with the constant responsibilities, it sure doesn’t feel that way. I have been asked the question: What are worthy purchases young adults should make? and my answer is simple: think ahead, start small and work up to the big things. I made the mistake of focusing on the huge purchase because I wanted those dreams of mine to be here right now, this minute regardless of my situations but it actuality is stripped me of my happiness when I realized that it was a mountain I was not yet to climb. I need to reach for the small dreams before I could get to the larger dreams such as a house or a car or traveling around the world.

I decided a year ago that I would make a list of big and small dreams, actually, you can even see it for yourself because my list of dreams is right here on this site. I listed everything that I have dreamed about doing. Some I have already accomplished and crossed out and some have a link so you can hear all about it. There are three things holding me back money, money, and money as well as other stuff but mostly money is needed for everything. We have bills to pay, in my case, I also have a son to buy things for and family to help out so it is easy to watch money dwindle down the drain. Here are my five worthy purchases young adults should make:

1. Choose One or Two Home Items.

My purchase to start adulthood was a brand new baby… I am totally kidding. Other than having a baby, I bought myself a bed… I didn’t want the same bed that I have had for many years anymore, it carried all the memories from high school and well being a kid. It wasn’t representing the start of a new journey in my life is was just old but I saved my money and got myself a grown up adult bed. Yours could be an awesome TV and couch or bedroom furniture such as a mattress. The main point of it, is that you see it every day, it brings you a nice reminder and brightens up your day.

2. Personal Goals

Little or personal huge achievements. For me, I wanted to get my learners (aka G1). Unlike most high school kids, that wasn’t my main goal in life way back then. I was after other things, I didn’t see the importance of getting my license at that time however once I became a young adult that was something I wanted. I also needed one because I look like a school kid and liked having a card to show that I was indeed of age to sit at a bar. Learning to drive was a huge accomplishment for me and worth the money for driving lessons.

3. In City Activities

Reach for the little stars! This is the list of things that you have always wanted to do or achieve that is within your reach to get done and that does not break your bank. Mine was taking a hip hop dance class… you will have to read all about that in the link but that was my thing, something I have always wanted to do since childhood but never had the chance to achieve it and I finally did! There is a boat load of activities within the city that we can do. Try new foods, try new places, hike a trail or even dive into the latest ice cream parlor.

4. Your Own Home or Own Car

Now we are talking about the big shots, the most important purchases and I think your own place is the largest purchase of all. Here the deal, I am not only talking about buying a place but even renting a bachelor apartment. The main point is that it is yours, not a roommate’s or your parent’s place, it’s yours, your key, your furniture and your home. It is a big deal and you have to think about where your money is going and later if you want to upgrade and later buy a house. Same goes with buy or leasing a car!

5. Travel

Point on a map and get out there! I am the type that I want to be settled before really getting out there. I want to see the world and really dive into my list of places to vacation but only when number four on the list is complete, this way I have roots to come home to. Any extra money from work would be going to saving up for my traveling destinations, the places I really want to go! I don’t want to waste money to semi-exciting trips when I can really invest in the big dreams. I personally haven’t reached that yet but I will get there. I don’t mind waiting for it because the wait makes it all worth wild.

That is my list of five worthy purchases young adults should make. Believe me when I know that we are all different, we all may not have the same responsibilities as others or even the same money amounts as others but that is why this list is helpful. No matter your situation or even how long many things may take, this list is a great guide that gives you a helping hand in what your purchases could be. Now it’s your turn, what are your purchases going to be?

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