Springtime Style Must Haves

Springtime Style Must Haves | City of Creative Dreams

Summer is in the air… sorry I have gotten a little ahead of myself. Spring is in the air at least that I what I keep telling myself because just this morning we had an extreme weather alert. My poor body was shaking at the bus stop. No mittens or even a heated bus to keep me warm. Fear not because before I know it Spring will for sure come my way and today will be nothing but a figure of my imagination and a distant past.

iRazoo and I want to know what are your plans for Spring? Are you going to catch up on the latest tips and tricks? Take a walk on a warm bright sunny day? Will you relax out on your porch with laptop beside you doing a couple of paid surveys for extra money or go shopping to refill your already large closet full of clothing? Maybe a little bit of all! You will need the surveys cash to buy clothing and only then can you really a walk to show off all your spring time clothes! Here is an outfit I would love to be rocking this spring.

Spring would not bring spring if you do not have any floral prints. I personally don’t jump towards floral anything but decor for my home, however, maybe it is the blue color but I really dig this dress. That is another spring thing, dresses, why? Well just like summer we enjoy allowing our bodies to breathe in the warm days. You will need a bag to hold all your things, so why not a wristlet. I am a huge lover of the large bags that fits everything but not on warmer days, you want something that is lighter and less of a drag to carry.

Next, sandals are a classic. It is the best footwear for warmer days. Slap some cute nail polish on those sad winter toes because everyone is going to be looking at these sandals. White shoes will go with any outfit that you choose. I love a good piece of jewelry, even though I have one necklace that never leaves my neck. I still think add some bling never hurts for any occasion. My eye candy collection is from Charlotte Russe.

Now I am all set with my Spring style. Are you?

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