How I Mended From A Broken Heart Interview

City of Creative Dreams - How to Mend a Broken Heart


It wasn’t my first instance to share how I mended from a broken heart because let’s be honest, it is incredibly personal, however, I always think that certain things happen for a reason. I still think that getting the opportunity to share my heart breaking lessons is what I needed at the moment since, at that time, it was fresh enough to give my honest opinion yet at the same time remind myself of the lessons from it. It was like having a refresher on life and if me sharing my honest opinion to the questions handed helps someone else going through that same thing, then it is completely worth every minute.

I was interviewed by Kate Paguinto over at Mend. You check out my interview with her right here!


While you are there, why not check out other influencers and see what they have learned from their break-ups. Also, take a minute and ask yourself some of the questions. What have you learned from your break ups? How have you grown from it and what would you tell someone if you were in the opportunity to give advice. It was a real eye-opener for me and  I know I learned a ton. I would love to hear yours or tell me what you thought of my answers. Once again, you can check out my interview here! #howimend

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