Pokemon Lollipop Labels

Who doesn’t have the Pokemon app on their phone? Honestly, me! I have been bumped into countless of people not paying attention because of it to know that it is very addictive. Plus as much as I loved the show when I was younger,  I wasn’t interested enough to get the app. Sorry. So why […]

Emoji Lollipop Labels

It is that time of the year again, where I go and become the best sister ever for creating fun lollipop treats for my siblings for the last day of school. I know, I know… last day of school soon approaching, summer is right around the corner and I am just as shocked as you […]

Froggie Counting Game

Froggie wants to get home, but there are so many lily pads and flowers on the way! Here’s a simple game you and your kindergarten child can make together to practice important math skills. Your child will work on counting and using a number line, while having a good time, too! What You Need:  Two […]