Goodbyn Kids Small Lunch Box Container Review

Goodbyn Kids Small Lunch Box Container Review | City of Creative Dreams

When I was figuring what I wanted to get my son for this first year of school, I looked no further than Reuseit. It has everything that I love: affordability, style and reusable function (aka saving the planet) I had already set my sights on the Goodbyn Small Meal Container with Dipper Lunch Containers for Kids  — you can see my review of that one.

This Goodbyn Bynto Small Lunch Box is great. It only cost $6.99. 

I thought that this three sections in the Goodbyn kids container would be a great idea because it has spots for a lunch and two snacks. I wasn’t expecting the size of from first look it looks like it will not fit in a lunch bag and in most cases it won’t, however, it can act as its own lunch box.

Overall I love this container. It comes in many colours. It is soft and made with no hard plastic so if it was to fall down it will not crack. I notice that with those plastic lunch containers it doesn’t always keep up with the rough and tumbles of school life, believe me, my family has been through way too many plastic containers.

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