Essential Oils Wedding: Ways to Pamper Yourself Before The Day

Essential Oils Wedding: Ways to Pamper Yourself Before The Day

It is almost wedding day! You are almost at the home stretch. It has been stressful beyond belief but you have done it. Now you need to pamper yourself before the day with essential oils! You have reached the night or day before your wedding so it is time to pamper yourself.  You could go to a spa and get pampered sure, or you can have some time to yourself for a moment and pamper yourself. No extra money needed to be spent and no one around you. No more thinking about little wedding details… unplug and rewind. Only the peace and quiet and a few ideas to get you relaxing.

A Drink

You are going to be in need of a cold drink of something. It could be a glass a wine or tea if that is something you decide on. However, did you know there are drinks out there you can incorporate essential oils in?  Why not try a little something different than your usual go-to drink! Check out the recipe below.

A Mask

If you want that spa-like feeling when you’re pampering yourself, it would only make sense to have mask included. There are so many facial masks out there. I personally love having ones that have the simplest ingredients and is also natural along with the essential oils.

A Bubble Bath

Pampering yourself has to have a bubble bath included. The most trending product in a bubble bath these days are bath bombs. It is everyone’s must haves and lots enjoy watching the bath bomb disintegrate right before their eyes. Try one for yourself.

 A Facial Scrub

If you are not the type to wear a facial mask then how about a facial scrub? I personally love facial scrub. I like to do one once a week if can or the night before special occasions. It leaves the skin feeling fresh and silky. So adding an essential oil to your scrub will only make it even better for your skin.


Face Moisturizer

Lastly, to top your facial mask or scrub, you are going to need a moisturizer. It is important to give your skin some moisture since tomorrow will be the day that your face will be going through many makeup sessions. Check out this DIY recipe!

Do you feel relax? I hope so. These are only a few ideas that you can use to pamper yourself. You have been so busy and stressed out trying to get everything together. Don’t forget to take a moment to have some down time and have a few minutes to yourself, especially the night before the wedding. Brides don’t usually do that even though they should. Take care of yourself. You deserve it!


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