5 Creative Fashion Looks for the Summer Break

5 Creative Fashion Looks for the Summer Break | City of Creative Dreams

Summertime is here, and that means it’s time to start looking for the cutest most creative ways to up your fashion game during the hotter months. From swimwear to cover-ups to shoes to handbags, we’ve got everything you need to take your summer wardrobe from a 3.5 to a 10. Below are five of the most creative fashion looks for your fabulous summer break to make it one that you will never forget.

Stripe it Out

Stripes have been popular for years, but wearing them during the summer months steps up your fashion game. This popular pattern style has derived from the beach umbrella ideal or the lounge chairs that you sit in a while relaxing by the pool. According to Elle, the stripes fashion is just taking off and making its way into the heart of summertime fashion. Luckily, you can find stripes anywhere in any fabric or clothing item.

Crochet Bikinis

For a new take on a classic summertime item, crocheted bikinis are making their way into the popular spotlight. They are both comfy, covering, and cute at the same time. They provide you with a little boho twist to give you a sense of confidence while walking down the beach or around the pool this summer. If swimwear is something you always try to keep up with in the fashion blogs, then you need a crocheted bikini to help you stand out this summer.

5 Creative Fashion Looks for the Summer Break | City of Creative Dreams

Dressed in White

White dresses are the perfect way to add a touch of flare during the summer months. Since summer comes before Labor Day, you can make the believers of the white rule happy and yourself happy by dressing in either a fancy or laid back white dress. These dresses are perfect for those of most every skin tone because of the compliments many shades. You can even add splashes of color if you choose to brighten up your wardrobe for an outing in the heat. Plus, white dresses keep you cool.


Robes aren’t just for bed. In fact, they are a great way to cover up when you are going to the pool or the beach without having to put in much effort. You can opt for a satin or silk robe for a lighter feel in the hotter months. They are quick to slip on and off, and you can even buy them in colors that compliment your swimsuits By purchasing a
robe, you can easily travel from your home to the pool while keeping everything covered up. You can throw on your favorite pair of sunnies, and get ready to spend some time in the sun and water.

Sheer is Back

The sheer material has not been popular for quite some time, but recently, this material has come back into style. During the summer months, you can take your fashion to the next level by creating a cool and breezy style. Try pairing a solid dress with a sheer coverlet to create dimension without the added weight or bulkiness. You can also do the same with a solid tank underneath a sheer top to create a new design that is both cool and covering at the same time. The sheer is great for the heat, and it looks great with many things.
5 Creative Fashion Looks for the Summer Break | City of Creative Dreams
After searching through many different items, this guide can help you find the best and most creative looks to take your summer from drab to fab. You can walk confidently across the beach, into that summer party, or even just to the store all while looking effortless and fun. Summertime is a great time to play up your wardrobe and try new things, and with these five creative fashion looks, you can do just that and turn your summer break into one you will never forget.


Guest post courtesy of Mia Morales.
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