Affordable Wedding Invitations Options to Consider

Affordable Wedding Invitations Options to Consider | City of Creative Dreams


Affordable wedding invitations are real. We both know that affordable wedding invitations options are out there. Wedding invitations are the introduction. It is the grand hello before the champagne popping and ‘i do‘.  You want chic, one of a kind and most importantly invitations that represent you and your love. Tall order? Not at all, I shared websites that have affordable wedding invitations that do not break the bank. You can check out that article right here. It is not an impossible task and there are many options out there to keep the cost of your wedding invitations low. Consider these four options when you are planning to buy your wedding invitations.

Ship Invitations

Affordable Wedding Invitations Options to Consider | City of Creative Dreams

Depending on which company you go with, this is usually a more pricey option out of all of the ones I am going to share with you. It truly is depending on how much your invitations cost in the beginning plus how much you are needed to get shipped over to you. If your invitations do not cost too much having it shipped will not cost you too much in addition. This is a simple and easy choice that most couples go with. However, there are other ways that are also more convenient.

Pick Up Invitations

Have you considered picking up the invitations or having someone pick it up for you? If your invitation company is local, then this is a fantastic option for you. Since you will be picking up the invitations yourself or by a friend or family member, t it saves you on shipping costs. You can also see if there is any flaws or changes you might want to make right there and then. It saves you the hassle of having to ship the set of cards back to the company.

Print at Home Invitations

Affordable Wedding Invitations Options to Consider | City of Creative Dreams

Do it yourself! We all own a printer or at least know someone who has a printer so why not print from home. If your invitations have the option to print at home you should really consider it. Not only does it save you on shipping, you have full control over your invitations. To lower the cost, even more, buy ink and blank invitations when they are on sale. For blank invites, one of my favorite stores Michael’s craft store has awesome buy one get one free deal from time to time. Keep an eye out.

Email Invitations

Affordable Wedding Invitations Options to Consider | City of Creative Dreams

Don’t be too shocked to see this option. Email is still one of the highest ways of communications.  We all still use it even though millennials may think this is ancient forms of technology. Even they check their emails! Be sure that when you are sending your invite to friends and family, that you have the correct email address. Also, inform them to check their emails because it may land in the awful spam section. You never know, so to be safe, make sure you let them know.  This is an extraordinary idea for those who want a paperless option to send their invitations.

Social media Invitations

Affordable Wedding Invitations Options to Consider | City of Creative Dreams

Yes, I am serious! Okay, this is more for announcing that you are getting married. It is perfect for if you have a wedding website that has all the details. Send your friends and family a direct message through Facebook or Instagram with all the information or even just a site link. If you have a technology friendly wedding you can also incorporate your wedding hashtag so everyone can keep up with all the wedding joys.


Half & Half Invitations

This one many don’t often consider for an affordable wedding invitation option. Which blows my mind! This is for sure the best of both worlds! Choose to have physical invitations and emailed (or another option) invitations. Many couples no longer want to spend the money for an invitation that most people will recycle later. It can be money down the drain however, we know for sure that invitations are considered a keepsake for family. In that case, consider having both styles. It is most cost-effective and eco-friendly.

We went through the most popular and most cost-effective options out there for your wedding invitations. A wedding is already the most expensive investment you are going to make in your life so why not find affordable solutions to achieve your dream wedding. With affordable wedding invitations options out there, you are one step to having an affordable wedding.


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