How to Get Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) Ready?

Toronto Film Festivals are always the talk of the town. Who is going to be here? What are the celebrities wearing? Also, which movies are coming out that are worthy of our time to check out and put our well-earned money towards? Now, I am all in for who if coming to the city but to be honest, I never started going to TIFF until this year. I hear all the talk and all the excitement and believe me, not all the time but sometimes I could hear all the screams from down the street when I was working downtown.

Not all of us can be the one who can walk the red carpet along with the stars. For most of us, we have to watch from the gates and scream our little hearts out for Ryan Gosling. In my case, I tend to scream at my television screen. It’s what makes the Toronto Film Festival awesome and fun. It brings the extra sprinkles to an already brilliant event. So no, we don’t have the people to do our makeup or help decide on our wardrobe but we still can get TIFF ready and make ourselves feel like a star. I am going to show you how.


I don’t know about you but from every movie theatre I have been to, it has always been a little chilly. The air conditioning is usually on and the only thing keeping you warm is your butter popcorn. So, be sure to have a sweater or jacket. It will also be handy if you are watching the movie at night. You are going to want to hear the movie and not your teeth chattering. As for shoes, you really don’t need to wear heels if you don’t want to. Simple cute short boots or a nice pair of sneakers are just right. Stylish and comfortable is the way to go.


Before your film, why not treat yourself to a restaurant? Feel rich and famous just by sitting downtown at a restaurant. You really do not have to spend the big bucks because there are many restaurants right in your price range just waiting for you take your seat. I went to Pickle Barrel before my movie. Ate a great meal (burger and fries) and was treated to a dessert. If you are trying to save money, this is also a great tip to not have to spend on snacks. You already ate so there would be no need to buy any snacks. Plus, you can’t get such delicious desserts from the movie theatre. Just check out my dessert picture.

Early Bird

Have you been to a movie that was just released that day? There are crowds and lines of people everywhere. Well TIFF is no different. It doesn’t matter if the movie just premiered or has been there for weeks. There will always be a line and many people everywhere. That is why you need to arrive early because seats are not assigned to you.  At the end of the day, it is a movie theatre after all and if you want good seats you will need to be early. Plus you need to use the bathroom and get snacks ( if you must) before you sit down.



Since you have some time before the movie, you are going to need a something to pass the time. If you have a buddy along with you then you have someone to talk to while you wait. Having someone with you also helps when you need someone to save your seats while you go use the bathroom or grab yourself a drink. If you are alone, don’t sweat. I’ve seen plenty of people bring a book to read, a laptop or just play games on their phones just to kill some time. Pick something you don’t mind bringing along with you in your bag.

Once you have found the right outfit to wear, gotten yourself a great meal at a nearby restaurant and have arrived early to get yourself a seat with a book to pass the time, you are all geared up for the Toronto Film Festival. By the time all this is done, you will be sitting down, in awe of the movie you are watching. My first-time experience was awesome and I cannot wait to TIFF again!


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