Easy Household Chore Technology Hacks for Everyday Life

Easy Household Chore Technology Hacks for Everyday Life | City of Creative Dreams

Believe it or not but there are easy household chore technology hacks for everyday life out there. Think about it, what are you mostly spending your time on? Your phone? Yes! Your computer or tablet? Yes! Your television? Barely because there is an app for that on our phones and tablet. Let’s face it, there is an app for everything. You are probably thinking about it as we speak. I wonder if there is an app for this… or that… or one for thinking up an app. I like to say there is even an app for tieing your shoes. I don’t actually know that for sure but I sure wouldn’t be all that surprised.

This generation can’t think without a phone in their hands. Where is my phone? Have you seen my phone? I think I lost my phone! I mean the sheer panic alone blows through our body when it’s not right next to us is very funny to watch. We all have experienced it before and laugh at the thought of how silly we act without out the phone in our hands. Phones are like our heartbeats these days. Can’t go a minute without it. So why is everyone so technology crazy for household chores?

Technology vs Actually


Easy Household Chore Technology Hacks for Everyday Life | City of Creative Dreams


Why is everyone reaching for their phones or tablets for everything? The number one reason is that it is convenient to everyone. Not just older ones but all of us. No need to drive down the street on a snowy day or when you are not feeling well. There is a service out there for just about anything and everything. Order your groceries, prescriptions, clothing, and more. You can even hire someone to clean your place all without having to actually talk to someone on the phone. That is perfect for phone shy people! Whatever you need is literally a tap or click away.

Customer Service

Easy Household Chore Technology Hacks for Everyday Life | City of Creative Dreams

I don’t know about you but in actual stores, customer service is lacking. Where is all the service? Can I get a little help, please? Who knows because employees no longer care if you even exist in the aisles anymore. There is a lack of excitement and sometimes stuff. Simple questions always get answered with “I don’t know” or the store looks like a huge tornado swept through it. It is not great at all. That is why most customers prefer going online. Not only do you not have to deal with employees but you also don’t have to leave the house in most cases. I love the idea of having my items delivered straight to my doorstep. If anything else I will settle with picking up my online order.

Now that we know why we like to use technology to help with our chores and tasks let’s look at more ways to use it.


Household Chore Technology Hacks

How Technology Is Making Daily Chores Easier

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Tasks and chores are no longer so burdenson with these household chore technology hacks. Even spring cleanings are going to be way more fun. Even though we may be on our technology a little too much, you have to admit, they are similar to having a personal assistant. With lives being so busy we all can use the helping hand at times, yes, even with chores and tasks.

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