Best Wedding Budget Calculator

It Wedding Wednesday and I can say that you will love this as much as I do. We both know that with a wedding that you have to budget your money, making sure you are buying what you need and not unnecessary things while managing your expenses. This is a important part of the wedding because without it, you pretty much don’t have a wedding. Even if someone in your family is paying for the expenses you still need a budget. I absolutely love this wedding budget calculator from The, they were smart to make this because it has everything! Let me show you around.

After you have registered on their free site you can start your wedding budget. It will look like this.
On left hand corner there is an area with the date of your wedding and how many days left to go. As well as it informs you of the total, spent and what is left to spend for your wedding.
On the right hand side you can enter your budget, your amount of guest you expect to be coming to your wedding. It even has two spots to put the number of females and males attendants. 
Based on your budget, the site automatically divides the money within the categories for you. When you click on the individual categories, you have a payment sections broken down for you. You now can put down what you actually paid, the deposit, second payment and final payment. It will total the amount paid and the balance that is still due. 
If you have something that is unique or just not on this list of things. You can simply add it.
If there are part of the list that you do not need personally for your own wedding. Just remove the check mark and it will collect at the bottom of the page.  (In case you change your mind on some things.)
This is what every bride need to get ready for their big day. It’s simply to use and it will become your best friend. For sure this will keep you from getting a stress… no more endless of papers to go through for you to figure out your finances. Everything is right here for you. Happy Wedding Planning!

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