Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Home Ideas of 2013

home ideas

Yesterday I spoke about all the organizing solutions that I concurred in 2013, well I shared 13 of them to be exact. However I did not only just do organizing solutions but other home ideas and crafts too. If you are not familiar with some of my posts then this is the ultimate review of all that I have done in 2013. Like many bloggers, I am proud of my work and love sharing what I am up to in my little world or organizing and being creative.

This was my very first ever post that I posted. I was helping my siblings pack their bags for the first day of school and thought about making their pencil cases stand out so that it would be impossible for them to loose them. It turned out great and up to now they still have them and I can for sure say that no one in the school has the same pencil cases as them. What a great way to start the new year of school.

My next project was inspired by iHeart Organizing version. I wanted mine to be thicker and with pictures for my sibling's closet. Now they have their clothes organized by long sleeves and short sleeves or dresses and shirts. Easy to make, easy to organize. If you have extra cardboard at home from cereal boxes to oatmeal boxes, why no reuse them to give it a new purpose at home.

Their garments and socks were defiantly exposed for this organization home idea. I am so mad that I did not think about this sooner for my siblings. I was so focused on getting expensive sets for drawers then thinking about alternate solutions. With this simple, affordable baskets, you can make the perfect separators to keep your garments and sock in one spot and not mixing up every where.

Would you believe that this project right here is one of my highest views. I was shocked too. Something as simple as cardboard and adhesive design paper can make a dresser divider. Why did I ever want to buy one in the first place? Making them were so easy, it is completely customizable to any drawer, any dresser and it cost at most $2.00. I could see why this post is so popular.

This is one of my favourites, an older frame from a broken mirror, add cork board and adhesive design paper and you got a new family home pin board. This turned out amazing and didn't take too much time to make. Add a matching clip board and you got yourself a well organized board!

I took a moment to organize our coat closet (that I don't even hang my coat in lol). Using baskets for mittens, hats and scarves. Taking the the non season items out and leaving only what we would need for the season out. Also doing the same for shoes as well. It is a great way to keep the closet from because a complete disaster.

My friend made this book insert for me a long time ago and thought I would share to others who loves a good classic book...book lovers. Never again will you loose your spot in a good book. Of course I am taking about the read books that you hold in your hands and can touch with your fingers. This project would not work on a tablet or e-book lol. 
The project was another favourite because we all know that it is not easy to get your kids to keep toys where they should be. Not matter what you do you see to find toy hidden under the bed. No more with this because I took under the best storage to a whole new light with IKEA storage bags and plastic drawers. Now the toys will be under the bed but in a neat and organized way.

I also took a moment to organize the living room book shelf. It will take some work to keep it like this but I am not giving up so far. I am determine to get everyone on the same organizing page. I decluttered papers and keep everything a simple as possible.

This one was another popular post among readers. I love this storage box. My mom bought them at Superstore for a awesome deal. It is the perfect mixed of storage and a seat. So worth the money, I made my mom go and buy more for our place lol.    

I made this a long time ago but thought I would share this with you since I took something that was on its way to the garbage. My aunt told me that she did not want this because it was broken but little old me knew that I could fix it the moment I saw it. The best thing about this project is that when ever I ever am tired of this leopard print I can always change it. 

Lastly I took two vases that I originally used as pencil holders and gave it a new life by the window with single flowers. You don't always need something a bunch of flowers to make a big impression. A simple vase, few stones and a single flower can still brighten up a room. 


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