5 Foods With Artificial Colors That Will Blow Your Mind

5 Foods With Artificial Colors That Will Blow Your Mind | City of Creative Dreams

Last time, I discussed the dangers of having artificial colors in food and why I avoid food or drinks that have it inside. As a parent, I care about the well-being of my son and as a person, I care about the health of my body so researching the learning as much as I can about what I am consuming is a huge step in the right direction.

Just like you, I want what is best for myself and my family and decided to continue searching find out what is out there that is secretly harming my body especially when it comes to artificial colors. Here are ten surprising food that has artificial colors in them.


This one actually blew my mind when I learned about this. I had no idea that companies actually use it to make the oranges look brighter. I noticed that when I was on vacation the island oranges looked different, dull in color but never would I think the ones at my local store was painted to look good. Now I will think twice about placing the orange peel in my mouth and smile.

I am no pickle person, myself but have family members who love it. Have you even thought about why they stay bright while sitting in the jars for days, months or years? Well, now you can guess why. Listed in the ingredients you can find one common ingredient… yellow #5. It cost more to use a natural way to do this and even if they chose to, the pickles would not be as bright.


Think your meat is alway fresh, think again, many companies inject red food coloring to give it that fresh off the rack look to it since the original color dulls after a while. If you compare your local market meat to an organic brand you will notice a huge difference in color.


Like meat, your fish has food coloring. Unless you physically took it out of the water yourself chances are that bright fish staring at you at your store day after day is painted to keep looking fresh. There is aren’t too many oceans behind groceries these days so getting fresh fish all the time for every grocery store is not easy.


Want to sit at the bar for a drink and drink a good whiskey? Well maybe you didn’t notice but believe it or not, some companies add food coloring to give it a golden brown visual appeal. But wait, it doesn’t say that on the back of the bottle, that is because it is hidden under the word ‘Caramel Coloring‘ sounds tasty right? Caramel coloring is no caramel taste addition, in fact, it is yellow #5.

It is amazing to find out about what is in foods we eat or drink daily. It really opens my eyes to what is really going on in companies that I would trust with the food that my family and I would eat. These were just some of the things artificial colors are hidden and there are many more out there.I hope this information helps.

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