How the Smallest Lifestyle Changes Can Improve Your Health



Okay, enough’s enough. You’re constantly sleep deprived, your joints and muscles keep aching for seemingly no reason, and you’re about to declare war on the bathroom scale which simply refuses to be reasonable and lower those numbers when you
step on it. You’re going to change your life; the world will see the new you. You will exercise two hours each day, go to sleep on time and maybe you’ll even start believing those insane fitness gurus who tell you that three almonds are a perfectly adequate, filling snack. Starting tomorrow, of course. Today you have some leftover pizza and what kind of a monster would let pizza go to waste?
Here’s the deal – any sort of extreme change can’t happen overnight, and getting rid of bad habits can be a long process. If you push too hard, you will most likely fail and this can discourage you from trying again. But becoming healthier doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it need to require drastic changes to your lifestyle. You’d be surprised how much even the smallest things can help.

Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry

In each of us lies a little annoying demon that wakes up each time we’re hungry. Instead of craving celery stalks and baby carrots, it whines until we stuff our mouths with greasy snacks and fast food. If you go to the supermarket while you’re hungry, not only will you buy more food than you need, you’ll end up getting the unhealthiest possible stuff that you see lying around. Eat your lunch first, and then go get the groceries. You’ll make better decisions.

Try adding weightlifting to your workout routine

Yes, yes, cardio is great, no one’s trying to pry it away from your hands. But you know what? Weightlifting is seriously underestimated when it comes to exercising, especially the kind that’s aimed at weight loss. If you incorporate it into
your regular routine, you could speed up your metabolism and shape up faster than you thought possible. Start with a couple of dumbbells, some good weightlifting shoes to help you feel inspired and keep your joints safe, and use at least fifteen minutes of your workout time on weightlifting exercises

Use apps to help you track calorie intake

We live in this technological age, so the best thing to do is actually use it to our advantage. If you’re disorganized or busy and have trouble keeping track of things, there are apps that can be real life-savers. From giving you information about how much calories certain foods contain, to reminding you to drink enough water. Use your smartphone for something, well, smart. Most of these apps are free and you really don’t need to spend a dime to have the equivalent of a personal assistant that’s there to help you stick to your goals.

Drink water as soon as you wake up

Hold on a bit, coffee monster. We understand that taking away coffee from you is a bad idea that would result in some form of mass murder. But before you pour yourself a morning cup of joe, drink a tall glass of water. It can actually help you jumpstart your metabolism and wake you up, and if you add a few slices of lemon to it, it’s going to taste great.  

Read nutrition labels

Gluten free! Organic! Zero calories! It all sounds great, but when you read the label at the back, things tend to get a little different. Don’t trust food packaging at first glance, always read about the nutritional value. Those “whole grain cereals” might be packed with enough sugar to single handedly induce diabetes.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator

A very simple thing to do, and yet it’s a nice little activity to get your blood pumping and help you build up stamina. Always take the stairs when you can. It’s not an equivalent of a good workout by a long shot, but it’s a nice addition to it.

Satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthier way

For a lot of people, sugar is the weakness that gives them the biggest trouble when trying to stick to a diet. If you crave sweets too often, indulge that craving. However, don’t eat an entire cake. Eat a few pieces of dark chocolate, or some blueberries. We’re all very addicted to sugar, so you need to train your body to want it less. If you do it for a while, you’ll be surprised how overly-sweetened everything around us is.
The biggest mistake we make is that we only see goals in our mind, but not the journey it takes to reach those goals. Instead of being obsessed with how you’ll look and feel a few months from now, focus on what you can do today to make your life better. These things may not seem like much, but they make all the difference. 
Guest post courtesy of Samantha Oliver.
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