How to Declutter Your Living Room in a Day?

Declutter Your Living Room in a day! I recently talked about decluttering your kitchen and I thought well if you can do that, you can for sure concur decluttering your living room. There are good reasons to want to declutter your living room. One reason is that this the area most guests see first or at least the most. It is best to keep this area free of clutter and mess because you never know when someone will stop by to want to hang out and chat. Another reason is that this is your entertainment section, the place where you enjoy conversations or just put your feet up to binge watch TV so let’s give it its best by removing all the unnecessary items and reduce your clutter. Let’s get started!

Entertainment Centre

Depending on your entertainment center style, this can go from clean to unorganized in a second. Where is the remote? Do you have a nest of cables everywhere? Which movie should we watch or video games to play under a tower of cases? This is the main focus of the living room, the area where we point our couch too so keeping it free from clutter will only help make everything run smoothly.

What can go first? The DVDs that you don’t watch anymore can be donated. By doing this you are not only giving this to a family who is actually going to use it but you are giving it a purpose again. Only keep the movies that you can’t live without watching over again or that is a classic keepsake. If you have kids who are way too old to watch kids movies then donate them… especially donate the VHS movies if you no longer have the player for it. Most movies are on Netflix or online so you really don’t have to hold on to every movie anymore.

For the movies that you can’t live without you can declutter the cases simply by buying a CD organizing case and use them for your DVDs. I have a cool way to organize my family’s DVDs and video games that you can check out. This solution works the same for CDs as well. Just keep the ones you will actually listen to or that is your absolute favorite singer or band. Don’t forget to toss controls that don’t work, dried plants, and recycle outdated electronics.


Bookshelves are the worst sometimes, that is only if you don’t keep it clean. Unfortunately, these days bookshelves are victims of getting things just toss about on. We get a little lazy when it comes to always keeping things in their place. I know that for sure, the bookshelves tend to never stay clean at my house. Always looks like a tornado has tossed just about everything except the kitchen sink. It’s one of those “I’ll get to it later” areas. Well let’s not wait for any more time we can get to it today.

Ask yourself: Am I actually going to read all those books? Yes? No? If not, donate it! That is the same for magazines. For magazines, we love shiny glossy pictures or even awesome recipes we want to try someday. Well, you don’t need to keep the entire magazine for that purpose. Simply keep the pictures or recipes in a folder and recycle the rest.

If you store pens, make sure to toss away old pens with dried ink. However, if these pens are keepsake pens from an island or trip you went on, you can keep those and get rid of the rest along with old unused batteries. To reduce the number of batteries that come through your home, consider buying reusable batteries. For my family, I love keeping them organized in a storage container along with the charger in the same spot.

Lastly, donate board games you no longer play with, unused vases and frames. Go through binders and get rid of non-important papers. Don’t keep anything that is broken or worn. Dust and clean the shelves at least weekly to make it from looking like a haunted house.

Toy Box

This is for families! Sometimes we just need toys in the living room to keep an eye on the little one. Toys can definitely get messy. If you have a toy box in the living room be sure to go through the toys. It can collect very easily so be sure to motivate your young kids to get organized. Broken toys can be thrown away. I am talking about those that are missing a head or leg or most of its body. I wouldn’t recommend donating any broken toys since they are only going to throw them away.

Donate the toys that are still in good condition, that are not broken or completely not playable. Think about donating the toys that are not being played with such as stuffed animals, lego, blocks, barbies, and cars. Another child would love to play with these toys. By donating, you are keeping the cycle going and giving toys another life. Keep only the ones that will be played with and/or ones that were a special keepsake. Now, when I say keepsake doesn’t mean every toy every friend and family member bought your child, you can’t keep them all. Trust me, you can’t keep them all. Don’t feel bad about donating gifts because let’s face it, kids grow and your friends/family they will buy more.

By removing all that you can out of your living room you are creating a better environment in your home and a wicked entertaining area for when a surprise guest arrives or just for yourself to enjoy. With a little decluttering, cleaning and organizing, you will have a much better time view of your focus area. Not only will you be happier because you can find things but have less distraction around your living room. So what are you waiting for? You can do this!

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